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  J.D Hangover EP by J.D. Hangover

J.D Hangover EP cover art

Artist: J.D. Hangover
Title: J.D Hangover EP
Catalogue Number: Annibale Records ANNBL-0014
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

Nobody is likely to accuse Italian duo J.D. Hangover - Stiv Catarelli and Roberti Villa - of pretension as their self-titled EP is nothing less than direct and to the point with the bare minimum of technology used to get these two gentlemen and their drum machine from the studio to your ears.

The concept here seems simple: infuse everything that two men and a machine and a drum machine can do armed only with the spirit of the blues and an oblique Jim Jarmusch style take on living in backstreet hotels haunted by ghosts of people that never were. J.D Hangover, to their credit, could have chased the approval of the arthouse crowd with their particular blend of tripped out psychocandy blues but they have instead taken the steroid route and pumped as much man energy into these six songs as a true believer can with “Mr Williamson”, in particular, being a song to take you down to the river.

Raw certainly but curiously refreshing in these days of the worship of plastic gods, J.D. Hangover make the kind of music that you want to hear whilst mad on the beer and wishing she would come back. That’s no bad thing in my book.
Review Date: November 20 2017