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  Red Scares Me by Les Trois Tetons

Red Scares Me cover art

Artist: Les Trois Tetons
Title: Red Scares Me
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

It would be easy to accuse a long established rock band like Les Trois Tetons of having long since drowned in a sea of their own creative influences but, on the evidence of their album “Red Scares Me”, this particular band are long way from becoming fat and lazy.

Keeping to their usual diet of reliable rock seems to be a thing of past as well with, this time around, Les Trois Tetons becoming a rather more playful band with all sorts of stretching exercises added to this ten song workout. “Red Scares Me” wouldn’t be a proper rock album without plentiful guitar solos and, indeed, does not disappoint in this area but the most impressive thing about this album is the near theatrical posturing that makes each song seem so much larger than it should with “All The Way To Peking” and “Ten Years”, in particular, suggesting that a revival of the rock opera format was the plan all along.

It is to the band’s credit that, even after all this time together, they can still come up with something refreshing to the ears and “Red Scares Me” should find friendly ears with anyone who, with each passing year, has learned to appreciate the finer things in life.
Review Date: November 26 2017