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  Teeth EP by GGOOLLDD

Teeth EP cover art

Title: Teeth EP
Catalogue Number: Roll Call Records RCR116
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

Synthetic indie pop isn’t hard to find these days and, equally, it is hard to even care whether the next up and coming product of technology and pseudo-style actually made it beyond the eighth grade before unleashing their songs to an uninterested public. Then along comes a band like GGOOLLDD who might actually make a difference to the way you feel about modern day music.

There’s certainly nothing unconventional in the five songs that make up their “Teeth EP” and all the currently trendy retro electro influences are present and correct and used with a fair degree of purpose. Margaret Butler's vocal performances, likewise, have the appropriate level of posturing that you would expect of a modern day indie popster yet there is something interesting going on here as if we finally have a band that appreciates the irony of a having a musical present that is so in awe of the past.

The song, retro as they are, resonate nonetheless with the storming “That’s the Way I Feel” throwing itself out of the speakers with all the determination of a dancefloor assassin while “Excelsior Springs” kicks something like a manic, low budget version of the Hush Sound would. Even the overtly conventional “Undercovers” seems less a parody of looped up and auto tuned style of today than a reflection on the losses that such lies cause.

So there you have it. Five, on the surface, the same as everybody else’s songs yet underneath the covers lurks subversion and subversion is good.
Review Date: December 3 2017