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  Hyms for the Hellbound by Meteors

Hyms for the Hellbound cover art

Artist: Meteors
Title: Hyms for the Hellbound
Catalogue Number: Prison 134-2
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Growing old gracefully does not seem to be an option for the kings of psychobilly, the Meteors. After 25 years, and more than a few incarnations, they have retained the energy and anger that has made them such a powerful live draw. This new 12 track release stands tall amongst their extensive catalogue.

Starting off with the kind of voiceover that used to start Hammer horror movies back in the seventies, the songs on this album cover the kind of subjects close to the hearts of so many posturing death metal bands. The difference here is that the Meteors treat their material with conviction and no small amount of panache. "The Phantom Rider" tells the story of a highwayman but could equally be taken as comment on the self perpetuating nature of crime. "Lie Down" is more about animal lust than love. Best track to our ears was the concentrated anger that is "You Want It". In case you think that this is all darkness and misery, hang about for the last, hidden, song that documents the working day of that much maligned occupation, the roadie.

Singer P. Paul Fenech's vocals are pure gravel but there is no doubting the quality of musicianship and the sympathetic, slick production. Bluesbunny remembers encountering the Meteors live some 20 years ago and thinking that they were scary guys. They turned out to be total professionals even informing us that in the unlikely event that they could not provoke the crowd into a stage invasion by the third song then their fan club (who were neatly stored with the backline in the Transit van) would start one. Not for weak of mind or spirit, this album is a powerful addition to the genre and can also be recommended for those who like their music to be kept real. This band clearly does not rest on their laurels. 110% pure psychobilly and that's a fact.
Review Date: June 24 2007