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  Kingmaker EP by Marquee Grand

Kingmaker EP cover art

Artist: Marquee Grand
Title: Kingmaker EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

Is there room in this musical world for yet another alt-rock band from the good old US of A? That’s the question that many a reviewer has no doubt asked himself without ever actually expecting an answer yet, perhaps, Marquee Grand are the band with the answer.

Their “Kingmaker” EP might indeed seem a model of the very conventionality that you would expect of this particular musical genre yet the five songs are not without a certain muscularity. “Of Troy”, with its Panic at the Disco influences, is certainly the kind of song that would have been guaranteed radio play a decade ago and, most probably, garner some notable affection from those with a taste for such things. “Little Fight”, on the other hand is altogether rougher and, armed with all the requisite power chords and guitar riffs, takes the good fight right out on to the terraces with its punch the air chorus. If that song gives you a taste for more then “Howl” makes for a fine second course of thoroughly macho goodness before the old school rock of “Close Again” takes you towards the last bus home.

Marquee Grand are a band with a straight down the line approach to their music and that, in these uncertain times, is actually quite refreshing. So, to answer my own question, there is room for one more alt-rock band after all.
Review Date: December 10 2017