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  Howl by Alex Haynes & The Fever

Howl cover art

Artist: Alex Haynes & The Fever
Title: Howl
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Another day, another blues band. However, this time around, you have to give credit where it is due for Alex Haynes & The Fever have managed to throw in a few surprises and thus make their album “Howl” more than just another example of festival fodder.

For one thing, they clearly aren’t the kind of band to stop at 12 bars and a couple of tempo changes and call that variety. Instead, the songs on this album cover a variety of styles and that keeps the listener’s ears interested all the way through. While there are, of course, many polished examples of the blues format to be found on this album – “All I Got In This World” stands out – it is the ability of this British blues band to take you on a journey down many other well-trodden musical paths without seeming stale or contrived that impresses most with the soulful fifties style honesty of “Solid Sender” duly demonstrating just how Alex Haynes & The Fever can shine the lovelight on a song whilst still finding room for a spirited guitar solo.

So, while “Howl” is definitely an album by a blues band, there is more than enough evidence on show of a desire to be more than just a festival favourite and that bodes well for the future of Alex Haynes & The Fever.

Available from Bandcamp and other digital platforms.
Review Date: March 4 2018