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  Daughters of Daughters by Arxx

Daughters of Daughters cover art

Artist: Arxx
Title: Daughters of Daughters
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

It is something of a relief to encounter a band that sounds like they could eat another band for breakfast. Not just a twee indie pop band or some Saturday night playback pony either but a real rock band made up of people – I’ll be generous and refer to all rock musicians as people - who drink beer and live for riffs. Arxx are but two women - Hannah Pidduck and Clara Townsend -strong but, over the course of the six songs that make up their debut “Daughters of Daughters”, they show that they have the talent to eat up everything in their way.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are few songs that lean towards the currently trendy Riot Grrrl style – “Tired of You” is one – but it nonetheless abundantly clear that the confidence and post-feminist presence needed to take the whole rock world outside for a fight is present and correct with Hannah Pidduck’s remarkably authoritative voice making listening not just an option but the only option for the card carrying believer in keeping it real.

It goes without saying that these songs should be played loud and often for the greatest health benefits and I duly doff my cap to Arxx for they are a band soaked in the kind of self-arming guitar led honesty and conviction that once took rock music out of the garage and into the stadium. They deserve to do some good business.

Available from Bandcamp and the usual digital outlets.
Review Date: March 4 2018