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  Seamonster by Chiara Berardelli

Seamonster cover art

Artist: Chiara Berardelli
Title: Seamonster
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

No one would ever accuse Chiara Berardelli as being prolific with “Seamonster” being only her third album in eight years so one always hopes that the long gaps will have, at the very least, maintained the quality of the music that she unleashes upon the world.

“Seamonster” is, indeed, consistent in quality and also consistent what we have come to expect of her. Her songs have the mark of maturity on them which makes a nice change from the thesaurus bound lyricism of the new breed of musicians and her songs are also more personal expression rather than commercial creations which, in turn, gives “Seamonster” an intimate, almost voyeuristic, feel as if you are looking inside the machinations of her heart. Musically, there is a polarisation evident with the title track, in particular, being curiously playful on first acquaintance but, on closer investigation, being driven by a lyrical darkness that makes you wonder if you have truly understood her intentions. On the other hand, “Another Planet” is what it seems and duly delivers her trademark piano driven melancholy in a manner that still manages to dig deeply. “Best Friend” again sugar coats things in the trendy, and upbeat, Americana style yet, as in all the best country songs, it is actually a sad tale that is being told.

Chiara Berardelli wears her heart on her sleeve - as she always has and no doubt always will - and “Seamonster is therefore an album that makes more sense the more that you listen to it. I am also willing to bet that Ms. Berardelli doesn’t do this for the money but simply because this is how she speaks to the world around her.
Review Date: March 24 2018