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  13th Floor Renegades by Last Great Dreamers

13th Floor Renegades cover art

Artist: Last Great Dreamers
Title: 13th Floor Renegades
Catalogue Number: Ray Records RR1008CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

There are times when I wonder if the creation of music brings with it immortality as bands these days rarely seem to die or perhaps it is just the rise in popularity of vampirism that brings bands back from what appears to be the dead with such regularity. Certainly, I had almost forgotten about nineties mascara rockers Last Great Dreamers yet here they are again with their new album “13th Floor Renegades”.

I suppose that you might be interested, as I was, in how Last Great Dreamers have adapted to these modern plastic times and whether their album would simply tell the same old story. The good news, for fans of the band and the rest of us, is that, even with some line up changes, Last Great Dreamers still sound just like you would expect them to sound. However, that does not mean that the band has got old and lazy with their current playful plundering of past musical influences highlighting a rather unexpected lightness of touch that makes many of the songs on this album simply float up into the clouds.

Last Great Dreamers haven’t gone soft though and “Primitive Man” soon demonstrates that they can still knock down the walls of Jericho any time that they feel like it and, by the time they close out of album with “Going Home”, they have built up such a head of steam that a guitar workout is the only way they could reprise, with true rock arena theatricality, their way out into a new dawn. Glory be!

Last Great Dreamers lack neither confidence nor songs with “13th Floor Renegades” providing all the proof you need that you can’t keep a good band from eternal resurrection. After all, there’s no point in being the boss of the bus stop when you can own the whole damn street. Forever!
Review Date: April 7 2018