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  Songs from The Suburbs Vol. 3 by Matthew Gibson

Songs from The Suburbs Vol. 3 cover art

Artist: Matthew Gibson
Title: Songs from The Suburbs Vol. 3
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

I can’t say that I had ever heard of Matthew Gibson nor had I heard the first two instalments of what I assume are a series of albums but I do like a concept album and that’s what “Songs from the Suburbs Vol” is supposed to be.

The songs therefore purport to represent some sort of spiritual journey although the connection to anything other than low budget singer songwriter affectations seems tenuous at best. Mr Gibson’s voice has its limitations too and, although always earnest, he sometimes gets himself lost in the mix. The songs themselves are generally straight arrows but only “Cold Town” and “Namaste” are likely to take up residence in your memory.

I suppose it is brave these days for anyone to attempt any sort of high concept in their artistic endeavours and Mr Gibson deserves credit for attempting to do that. However, despite his best efforts, it is clear that a much bigger budget would be required to score his desired bullseye.

The album is available for download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: May 23 2018