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  Glasgow 07 by Various Artists

Glasgow 07 cover art

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Glasgow 07
Catalogue Number: Blue Panda BPG07
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Compilations are curious things. They often try to keep everybody happy by including everything and anything. Featuring tracks by the some of the finest Glasgow’s unsigned bands, this 11 track collection brings something fresh to our ears. Not that we are biased, of course but Glasgow musicians are making some of the finest music in the world these days. There are tracks from the Odeon Beat Club, the State Broadcasters, Shoegazers, the Ten to Five Project, Dresden, the Spirals, Journey Box, Are You Ever Happy?, Katie Sutherland, the Black Alley Screens and Beaches of the Proud. Let’s take a run through the tracks on offer.

The Odeon Beat Club give us a tasteful piece of indie rock in “Trouble Ticket” to start things off powered by some impassioned vocals. Following on next is “South Pole Stag Night”, a sharply observed song on macho sensibilities from the State Broadcasters. “Sail Out” from the Shoegazers is dreamy and atmospheric. The highlight of the album came with Ten to Five Projects’ “Sun in my Eyes” – quirky and quintessentially British pop music that sounds like a summer song should sound. Altogether quite magical. Dresden up the tempo and shake the walls with “Ultimatum”. Taking us further into the loud guitars and grunge territory are the Spirals with “So Dark”. Returning us to a more peaceful existence are the classy Journey Box with the hypnotic “Words and Sounds”. Are You Ever Happy presents us with the melancholic “This Morning”. Exuding the kind of sweetness and charm that will take her far, Katie Sutherland manages to capture the Bluesbunny heart with “Anymore”. In contrast, the Black Alley Screens launch a full power assault on the senses with “The Camera Never Lies” featuring some storming guitar work. Beaches of the Proud round off this compilation with the instrumental “Long Shadows in the Mirror”.

The winner? That would be the Ten to Five Project with "Sun in my Eyes". Quite simply charming in its execution and intelligent in its content, this proved to be the track that the Bluesbunny returned to time and time again.
Review Date: July 23 2007