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  Something Strange by The Savilles

Something Strange cover art

Artist: The Savilles
Title: Something Strange
Catalogue Number: Gypsy Soul Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Retro is where it is at these days with bands from everywhere and anywhere more than happy to dig up the past and use it to fertilise their own garden. That mere fact, you would suppose, would make an album so obviously influenced by the glories of days gone by as “Something Strange” by Canadian band The Savilles somewhat uninspiring.

Perhaps not though for The Savilles have more than their fair share of spirit on their side and their musical larceny is rather more wide ranging than their contemporaries with all sorts of influences from the seventies. eighties and nineties getting the mish mash treatment. Also in their favour is the strength of their song writing as many of the songs on this album easily make the singalong grade with “Lose That Girl” and “Go!” standing out as potential summer festival anthems.

Credit must also go to the Meagan Brittanie whose voice has the mark of originality whilst still maintaining – particularly in “I Want More”- a presentable level of the post punk princess stylisations that tick the popularity boxes these days.

All in all, “Something Strange” is an album with enough mainstream appeal to give The Savilles the exposure they deserve.
Review Date: June 4 2018