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  Manifest Your Dreams by Sandra Love & The Reason

Manifest Your Dreams cover art

Artist: Sandra Love & The Reason
Title: Manifest Your Dreams
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Wherever there is beer there will be blues rock and, if your Friday night happens to be in New Orleans, then Sandra Love & The Reason might well be the band to keep you company all the way through to one for the road and more.

Their album “Manifest Your Dreams” isn’t therefore an album for fans of the esoteric. It is, instead, an album for blue collar consumption at the end of a very long week. The songs duly tick all the boxes for a night in a bar where everybody knows your name and Ms Love’s voice has that rough edged honesty that makes even the simplest lyrics sound like she is telling it like it is.

So far so good, I hear you say. “Manifest Your Dreams” is, however, an album that is a bit more than a soundtrack to beer soaked memories. There is, for example, John Krupa to consider as his guitar work demonstrates rather more subtlety than you would expect of twelve bar worship and, in amongst the crowd pleasers, there are songs that speak of deeper things with “Mind Your Business”, in particular, moving the band straight out in to the streets.

“Manifest Your Dreams” is an album that speaks as much to the heart as to the feet and that makes Sandra Love & The Reason rather more than just another blues rock band.
Review Date: June 4 2018