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  Listen To Your Heart by Nick Maddocks

Listen To Your Heart cover art

Artist: Nick Maddocks
Title: Listen To Your Heart
Catalogue Number: NMM001CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

I suppose that we should all be thankful that the singer songwriter still exists when corporate sponsorship is the only real reason why what is left of the music business survives in this increasingly plastic world. Anyway, returning to the subject of these words, there is the matter of Nick Maddocks and his EP “Listen To Your Heart” to consider.

It is true that Nick Maddocks is a singer songwriter and it is equally true that nothing in these four sugary love songs will surprise those of you who find such things to your taste. It is also true that his musical motivations go back to the heyday of the music business - the sixties - for inspiration with, in particular, the spirit of Merseysound providing the obvious intoxicant for “Dream My Life Away”. There’s nothing wrong, of course, with such an approach even if people today will be more familiar with the sounds and songs of this era as soundtracks to soon forgotten adverts.

It would also seem that Nick Maddocks, in true singer songwriter style, wears his heart on his faded sleeve and it is entirely possible, on the evidence of these four songs, that he might find a profitable outlet for his talent in the advertising industry. It will certainly pay better than playing acoustic nights.
Review Date: June 22 2018