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  Jesus Drives an Oldsmobile by Doug DeJoe and the Bloomlaters

Jesus Drives an Oldsmobile cover art

Artist: Doug DeJoe and the Bloomlaters
Title: Jesus Drives an Oldsmobile
Catalogue Number: Nashville Left Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Bluesbunny always wanted a pickup truck. There was just something about a pickup truck that suggested honest pay for an honest day’s work.  Of course work needs a soundtrack. A soundtrack like that provided in this release from Nashville’s Doug DeJoe and the Bloomlaters.

The highlight of the album is “Jesus Drives an Oldsmobile”. Sharply observed lyrics on the consumer values that we appear to cherish these days and a quality vocal performance distinguish this song. “Watch the World Go On” shows intelligence and compassion with a message about how life goes on no matter what you lose. “Somewhere in My Crazy Mind” also impressed with its sentimental take on what life actually means. If you want something up-tempo and radio friendly, then take a listen to “More Than Half a Chance” that features some tasty slide guitar from Richard Bell. There is something about Doug DeJoe’s voice that gives his performance a world weary charm that suits the material well. This is not music for spotty kids. It is music for real people who have real problems and need someone to sing the songs that they can actually relate to.

So, this is good, honest country music. Just like it used to be before things got too sugary (and simultaneously antiseptic) in Nashville. As you would expect of musicians who have been in the business for a while, the songs are well constructed and are performed with a fair degree of style. This album is the ideal accompaniment to that drive down the interstate of life. Available from CDBaby.
Review Date: June 30 2007