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  Sauropod EP by Sauropod

Sauropod EP cover art

Artist: Sauropod
Title: Sauropod EP
Catalogue Number: Propeller Recordings
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Maybe it is the whole cultural imperialism thing but many bands these days from this side of the pond sound more American than those on that side of the pond. Certainly Sauropod – from Norway – appear to sound more like other bands than they do themselves yet, as this appears to be part of their plan, kudos must therefore be due to them as the four songs on their self-titled EP attest to the precision that they have used not only to recreate but also to improve on their musical influences.

So, without further ado, to the songs. The angular, grunge laden, “I Know Where You’ve Been” kicks things off in the best, take to the bridge, Seattle style. “Headed” seems, on the surface at least, to be much lighter in tone sometimes nudging the beaches of California before the power chords and vocal torment return to counterpoint the song all the way into melodrama. “Ripping”, likewise is a song of torment heavily seasoned with mid-western downtown angst yet, once again, it is the dramatic intent that is right out in front. “Moodless” closes out the EP in a positively playful way even if the lyrical content suggest the band’s motivations were, once again, the very opposite.

So, are Sauropod a band drowning in their own influences? No, for they have cherry picked the best bits from the past and resprayed them in their own deep and dark style whilst creating songs that make you want to sing along. Sauropod are a band with a future.
Review Date: August 27 2018