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  Candy Haven by Ryder Havdale

Candy Haven cover art

Artist: Ryder Havdale
Title: Candy Haven
Catalogue Number: White Whale Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

I suppose you could describe Ryder Havdale, based on the evidence presented in his album “Candy Haven”, as an escapee from the dancefloor. It wouldn’t be inaccurate given the club beats that overlap one song into another and the often inconsequential lyrical content but that would be too easy a categorisation as that would not explain the particular style which glues these ten songs together.

Remember also that there is a time and a place for everything and everything has its soundtrack. These songs, therefore, aren’t really for the dancefloor either and neither are they for listening in the conventional sense. They are instead best regarded as a soundtrack - background music if you like - for a generation who cannot hear silence and expect there to be something always there even when there doesn’t need to be. Consider that time you drove about all night through the urban landscape smiling beneficently at the unfortunate owners of road rash like Mini Clubmans or Fiat 500s. What were they listening to on their iPod integrated car stereos? In all probability, Ryder Havdale. Just like you.

So, “Candy Haven” is an album of songs for these times. Neither inspirational nor aspirational, Ryder Havdale has made songs that exude and exalt neutrality yet, just before he throws in the towel, he reverses course with “Don’t Cave In” and delivers a song with a message. It is this song that will see you through into the sunrise. That’s his style.
Review Date: August 27 2018