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  Baritone Jazz 2 EP by Jan Mittendorp

Baritone Jazz 2 EP cover art

Artist: Jan Mittendorp
Title: Baritone Jazz 2 EP
Catalogue Number: Kuvver Records KR602
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Time for a bit of class. The last time that I heard Jan Mittendorp play was actually in Glasgow and he impressed then even when sharing the stage with a blues legend like Boo Boo Davis. On his EP “Baritone Jazz 2“, however, he takes his baritone guitar off on a solo trip to smooth jazz land and duly entices us along with him.

The three songs here – “Georgia on My Mind”, “Misty”, “Stella By Starlight” – are standards and his interpretation of them is reverential and considered. The use of the baritone guitar does add something new to compensate your ears for another dose of songs that everyone likes to play and it is to Jan Mittendorp’s credit that he hasn’t taken the easy way out, instead allowing the fluidity of his playing style to shine through as if to prove that those who are already there don’t need know how to read a map.

I always appreciate musical ability and that is undoubtedly what is demonstrated on this EP and I would gladly have this EP as the soundtrack to my journey home any night.
Review Date: September 16 2018