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  Beat This by The Aesthetics

Beat This cover art

Artist: The Aesthetics
Title: Beat This
Catalogue Number: Janiculan Music
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2018

I suppose that it could be coincidence that all the members of The Aesthetics share the same surname, but I doubt it for their album “Beat This” sounds like the work of a band of brothers.

This band of brothers clearly share a love for the history of power pop with most of the songs on this album being heavily seasoned with radio friendly chords and a reverence for the vocal stylings of the past and, although most of the songs are written by the band, they aren’t outdistanced by their choice of cover versions. Nonetheless it is interesting that it is the instrumental songs – such as “Radar Test” – that stick most in the mind. A victory for virtuosity over voice perhaps?

Albums like this tend to have honesty going in their favour and there is no doubt in my mind that The Aesthetics are what they appear to be and they are, in all likelihood, the kind of band you would like to acquaint yourselves with on any Friday night in your favourite bar. As a bonus, this album is also available on vinyl. Vinyl is good.
Review Date: September 16 2018