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  Be Kind by Starry Skies

Be Kind cover art

Artist: Starry Skies
Title: Be Kind
Catalogue Number: Fox Star Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Hey, this is the first upbeat album to make it to my ears this week and only one of a handful in an otherwise downbeat and depressing month. Oh, the name of the album? It is “Be Kind” by Scotland’s very own Starry Skies.

Fronted by Warren McIntyre, Starry Skies would seem, on first acquaintance, to be just another Scottish band in awe of Americana and, indeed, there are many examples of worship of west coast (of America) such as “Sugar Cane” and “Glitter & The Glory” to be found within “Be Kind”. Fortunately, Starry Skies are out for more than a guaranteed spot at the better roots festivals throughout the land and, as the album develops, the true depth of their musical convictions becomes apparent with “Guns & Gold” and “Bombs Betty” replacing those retro rose tinted sunglasses with a gunsight and a pricked conscience. Funny how telling it like it is ends up being good for the soul.

Starry Skies have made an ear friendly album here that will raise your spirits and get your toes tapping at the same. That, my friends, will do very nicely indeed!
Review Date: October 12 2018