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  Remember The Hector Collectors? by The Hector Collectors

Remember The Hector Collectors? cover art

Artist: The Hector Collectors
Title: Remember The Hector Collectors?
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

While the philosophers of this country ponder the end of Europe and the ever climbing price of a latté, the rest of us mortals get to consider the future of the really important things like Doritos and survival of irony in the 21st century. Fortunately for us, Glasgow indie popsters The Hector Collectors know of our collective pain and have set out to clarify matters with their new album “Remember The Hector Collectors?”.

One song in and the Doritos are in the bag and thereafter irony swerves dangerously through this manic, and yet perennially upbeat, collection of songs in search of the kind of truth you can only find in pop songs. This album is, in effect, a crusade against the computer powered and corporate controlled marketing machine that ended the music business. Witness the riff stealing reflections in “Content Farm” and the righteous indignation that powers “Bullies” and you will soon learn that social commentary can be much more than a Facebook post. All that full power irony, however, never overpowers the songs and, for those who appreciate such things, you can sense the influences of Scottish musical history and the general passing of youth dancing merrily just below the surface.

So, while “Remember the Hector Collectors?” isn’t anarchy in the UK for these times, it easily qualifies as some sort of quintessential Scottish pop album. This is, remarkably, an album that will make you smile whilst reminding you that fun does not need to insult your intelligence.

“Remember the Hector Collectors?” is available from the usual digital download places including Bandcamp and is also available on vinyl (as it should be).
Review Date: October 30 2018