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  Alienman by Stone Mecca

Alienman cover art

Artist: Stone Mecca
Title: Alienman
Catalogue Number: Touch The Music Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

It’s time machine time again with Stone Mecca’s album “Alienman” rolling on to the scene like the kind of seventies rock album that could only be experienced rather than merely listened to. As you might therefore expect this is also the kind of album that makes you believe in musicianship once more.

Undoubtedly more than just another album of blues and rock riffs from yesteryear, Stone Mecca uses those old school influences to highlight that he has learnt from the past and made his music something that seems timeless instead of dated. And, while the pace picks up with the title song, in tone and performance, this album is a languorous affair more suited to reflection than dancing. That’s no bad thing in my opinion and there are many opportunities to dig deep in this album with “Exit Door” and “Boogeyman”, in particular, being as much for the mind as the heart.

There is more imagination on show here than most would even bother with these days and it is to the credit of Stone Mecca that he has made “Alienman” both a coherent whole and more than sufficiently interesting to have lasting value.
Review Date: October 30 2018