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  Reflections From An Airport by Andrew J Newall

Reflections From An Airport cover art

Artist: Andrew J Newall
Title: Reflections From An Airport
Catalogue Number: ANMILLHEUGH36
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

I can’t say I had heard of Andrew J Newall before but, on the evidence of his album “Reflections from and Airport”, he must have been around for a while for the end result exudes professionalism.

With 14 songs that tell stories, it is clear that this is an album destined for a more discerning audience than your average man in a Subaru and all the box ticking folk influences are there to ensure ear friendliness for those whose ears are less friendly to loud noises than they were ten years ago. Also evident is an unusual degree of care – or, dare I say, maturity – in the presentation of the songs with “Michel-Ange” and “The Immigrant’s Story” standing out from a well-dressed crowd as the ones most likely to touch your heart.

An album that bears up to close inspection, “Reflections from an Airport” is a welcome change the from its fixed in the mix plastic competition and Andrew J Newall is to be commended for his efforts here.
Review Date: November 3 2018