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  Turning Circles by Dropkick

Turning Circles cover art

Artist: Dropkick
Title: Turning Circles
Catalogue Number: Taylored TRCD005
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Following on from last year's "Obvious" album, Edinburgh's Dropkick (Andrew, Alastair and (the unrelated)Roy Taylor and Stuart Low) have further honed their art. "Obvious" was a fine collection of songs but the band have not rested on their laurels and now bring us more of what we like whilst adding some very welcome variety.

Opening with "Only for Yourself", it is clear that the band know what their fans like. "Can't Help It" and "Rewind" reinforce this opinion. Alastair Taylor's "Say Nothing" is a radio friendly ballad that tugs at the heartstrings. It is a strong, commercial song that any boy band would give their eye teeth to mime to. The obvious summer single - if there is such a thing these days - is the quirky "Lobster". However, there are signs of a change of direction on the horizon. "To Get to You" and "Black Book" - both from the pen of Roy Taylor - take the band into an area of altogether angrier, acerbic lyrics. The highlight for the Bluesbunny was "Avenues". Lyrically obscure, exquisitely arranged and with a compelling, poignant vocal performance, this is the song of the album.  Lacking the bouncy, sibling harmonies that is their trademark, this song is a perfect example of their maturing song writing skills.

So there you have it. Dropkick have edged yet another step closer to pop perfection. Their vocal performances have improved substantially since the last album and we get to see them add maturity to their pop sensibilities. Therefore, this album is a strong recommendation. It can be purchased directly from the band at their website.
Review Date: November 12 2007