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  New Kind of Cross by Buzz Kull

New Kind of Cross cover art

Artist: Buzz Kull
Title: New Kind of Cross
Catalogue Number: Avant! AV!059
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

There may be nothing new in the world and many a musician has successfully reused the past to make their point with Buzz Kull doing just that within his dystopian darkwave album “New Kind of Cross”.

Replete with rigidly sequenced intentions, Buzz Kull surges forth with his bleak chorus of oppression and a truly obsessive determination to use the soulless power of the computer as an instrument of sonic discontent. The songs are less escapees of the dancefloor than the expressed alienation of bedsit electronica amplified into a weapon of beat pounding power. Make no mistake, these songs aren’t designed to please the ears but they do accurately reflect the synthetic boundaries placed on musicians in these conformity obsessed days.

To pick but two songs from these plastic bullets, “Existence” and “Ode To Hate” cast themselves back towards the better times – and some might say the midnight excesses – of the eighties yet the clearly prevalent square peg in a round hole mentality demonstrates that, behind the looped minimalism of the Buzz Kull music machine, there resides hides a heart. The vocals, processed far into the abyss of anonymity, are therefore the voice of the man machine forever trapped on your answering machine. Erase and rewind but the message will still be there.

When the robots eventually rule the world Buzz Kull will be our saviour.
Review Date: November 11 2018