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  Pink Machete by Charles Boyd

Pink Machete cover art

Artist: Charles Boyd
Title: Pink Machete
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

Complacency. That’s your enemy. Just when you think that the world has run out of puerile music that would only appeal to fourteen year old boys with stunted emotional development, along comes another – yet another – album from the unfortunately prolific Charles Boyd. This time, the album is called “Pink Machete” but the song remains the same.

This time around you get 21 songs and a sleeve that, for reasons unknown, contains the phrase “adult humour” on the back cover. There is also a proud declaration that songs 2, 5, 12, 14 and 20 have no curse words. That’s five out of twenty one or, alternatively, almost a quarter of them won’t make you travel to Charles Boyd’s house and beat him senseless with a rubber chicken. Actually, song 20 – “For A Million Years” – does actually pass muster as a song just not when Mr Boyd is doing the singing.

The Boyd meister hasn’t developed any actual musical skills over the years so the simplistic loops and generally clumsy musicianship soon drain your will to live and, as for the lyrics, you will find better written on the toilet wall. That said, I doubt many toilet walls have graffiti containing sexual references to horses.

If I had seen this album drop through the letterbox, I would have drop kicked it straight into the bin but I didn’t. I stupidly stuck it in the CD player without looking or thinking and listened to it. Then I threw it in to the bin and started drinking beer. You know what? Even beer couldn’t dull the pain brought on by listening to this shit.

Complacency is a bitch!
Review Date: November 13 2018