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  Door Too Wide by The Firrenes

Door Too Wide cover art

Artist: The Firrenes
Title: Door Too Wide
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

It is probably a sign of these times that music has lost all of its ability to shock or inspire and it is therefore perhaps no surprise that the middle of the road has become where it is at when it comes to generating a bit of interest in a tune.

The Firrenes hail from Edinburgh and the eleven songs on their album “Door Too Wide” would surely have been the choice of many a clean living housewife back in the days when Radio2 was a force to be reckoned with. These songs duly show a degree of polish that you just don’t find too often these days with commendable attention to detail or, as it used to be called, the arrangement of the song. Melody hasn’t been forgotten either and there is much to hum along too with the title track – endearingly enhanced by the voice of Luci Holland – and “Don’t Take My Baby To Town” making you wish for the return of summer seasons and the Little and Large Show. Well, maybe not The Little and Large Show…

So, does that make “Door Too Wide” and album for old farts? Basically yes, but there are a lot of old farts out there and they will surely appreciate a collection of proper songs performed properly. No shocks, no surprises but The Firrenes have given you a whole lot of good old fashioned songs that will see you through until tomorrow.
Review Date: November 21 2018