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  The Hots EP by The Hots

The Hots EP cover art

Artist: The Hots
Title: The Hots EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

There is a reason why rock music will never go out of fashion. That reason is the near universal appeal of a good guitar riff and, as if to further persuade you of the need to play some air guitar in front of the mirror, here comes The Hots with their self-titled EP with the reason to do just that.

Before you start strutting your stuff, there is more for your ears here than mere fretboard frolics. It is true that there are a lot of hardcore hair rock riffs to be had within the confines of this EP and, indeed, plenty in the way of robust vocals from Foxie Kelly but there are also proper songs in there. Songs sufficiently strong to make you want to sign along and, perhaps, even make you burn the house down. You might think that songs don’t really matter when it comes to rock bands as success is more about – once more for those in the cheap seats – riffs and attitude. No, it is always about the song and The Hots don’t miss the mark here with the chorus laden “Before You” crying out for what used to be called radio airplay.

Their self-titled EP demonstrates that The Hots know which way is up and they are making enough of the right kind of noise to get them heading for the sky.
Review Date: November 24 2018