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  Ghost EP by Leading Edge

Ghost EP cover art

Artist: Leading Edge
Title: Ghost EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

Sometimes when you hear a band, you just get where they are coming from. Leading Edge – they are from Sweden – are such a band and the three songs that make up their EP “Ghost” almost cry out for greater exposure.

An indie band with obvious folk influences is hardly a new thing yet you have to consider why some many other bands get it wrong. The answer? They simply don’t gel and provide a coherent approach to the music that they are bringing to your ears. And, while it is the violin of Gustav Spjuth and the voice of Anna Johannisson that provide the sonic identity for this band, it is also abundantly clear that the Leading Edge is a band with a collective sound that gives a distinct focus to their songs. Talking of songs – and that is why we are all listening – there is much pleasure to be found both in the crowd friendly appeal of “Forever Young” and in the more ethereal charms of “Ghost”.

I know little of this band, but it would appear, from the evidence of these three songs, that they are a band with both the skills and musical maturity to capture the attention of your ears. That pretty much guarantees that their “Ghost” EP will be elevated to a prime position on my playlist.
Review Date: November 25 2018