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  Hush by Birichen

Hush cover art

Artist: Birichen
Title: Hush
Catalogue Number: CLS786BIR
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

It is unusual these days to refer to an album as sounding natural but it is a fact that “Hush” by Birichen does indeed sound natural. Some might even say underproduced but even modern day ears will soon get used to her low-key and direct approach to making a song her own.

As might expect of a Scottish musician, Birichen often draws upon those highland spirits for motivation and, in addition, throws in a splash of the goodtime vibes to give “Gonnae Get Good”, in particular, an endearingly playful quality. Talking of spirits, this wouldn’t be an album of today’s Scotland if the ghost of Americana didn’t make an appearance and, duly, Guy Clarks’ “L.A, Freeway” gets a respectful interpretation. The true Birichen magic is more evident, however, in “Holding On To Each Moment” and “Smile In Your Sleep” where her straightforward and cleverly underplayed approach enhances these songs far more than you would otherwise expect.

"Hush” is therefore an easy on the ear album best suited to your quieter moments and Birichen plays her cards well enough here to win the hand.
Review Date: December 1 2018