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  Choosing Happy EP by The Skelton Collective

Choosing Happy EP cover art

Artist: The Skelton Collective
Title: Choosing Happy EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

In the great big world of pop music, there has always been a place for honesty. Not a big place, of course, but, then again, there isn’t much in the way of honesty to be squeezed into that place these days. However, in Australia, such a thing still flourshes in the sunshine and The Skelton Collective duly provide us with five melody rich songs that stand honest and tall.

The five songs on “Choosing Happy” may seem to some no more than old fashioned concoctions by musicians who have never reached the transcendental stage necessary to submit to the mastery of the computer and The Skelton Collective – a family affair, according to the press release – do indeed seem to relish both the conventional and the wholesome. Think of them as an indie pop band on a mission though and it becomes evident that they are actually a band that stretches their musical legs rather more than most would.

Keyboard driven for the most part, each song is remarkably likeable and upbeat with Jess Skelton providing the confident vocals to convince you that it is nothing less than a necessity to add all of them to your playlist. If you haven’t got room for all of them though, you won’t go wrong by limiting your selections to the buoyant “All I Wanna Be” and the catchy “Waiting For The Sun”.

So, if you have wondered what indie pop Australian style is like these days, The Skelton Collective’s “Choosing Happy” EP will make a good place to start your investigations.
Review Date: December 15 2018