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  A Sigh So Deep by Lazy Queen

A Sigh So Deep cover art

Artist: Lazy Queen
Title: A Sigh So Deep
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

I suppose that going from Norway to New York and back is more than likely to have some musical side effects and it therefore perhaps no surprise that “A Sigh So Deep” by Lazy Queen seems so full of both anger and confusion.

I like that though, as too many bands these days seem happy to just do the noise thing without ever grasping that noise without purpose isn’t the way to win new friends. The Lazy Queen way is much preferable. Sure, the guitars are maximum grunge and their style is pure post punk but there is more than style in there. A certain degree of intelligence pervades the lyrics and the sometimes downright angular approach to kicking the doors in makes a very pleasant change in these don’t need to guess what comes next days.

You can’t argue with the quality of songs like “Apocalipstick” and “Tamir” as they both dive headlong into the abyss that is life especially if you find that you are the square peg in the round hole of conformity. That makes Lazy Queen a band designed not for happiness but more for making a courageous statement against a world where nothing matters more than corporate branding.
Review Date: January 16 2019