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  Drive In Music Club by Drive In Music Club

Drive In Music Club cover art

Artist: Drive In Music Club
Title: Drive In Music Club
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

If I ever bothered to read press releases then I could probably impart some relevant information on Drive In Music Club but, since I can barely manage to read my own handwriting, I will jump that step and move straight on to some words on their self-titled album instead.

It’s a funny thing. The passing of time, that is. I can’t remember that last time that I heard a band that could be accused of laying down a demon groove. I am not talking about DJ worship of the vacuum that is EDM but more an appreciation of the need to worship the dancefloor demon that is funk. Pick any tune – “All Changed” or “My New Place”, for example – and you have just found a piped piper to lead you through the streets and acquired the foot tapping energy to get you all the way to the bus stop.

So, for the box tickers, you get funk, Brit funk and Northern soul influences. You also get fluid dancefloor bass lines, sharp harmonies and the kind of super cool female vocals that will surely steal your ears. All boxes ticked and it isn’t even time to go home. Welcome to Drive In Music Club.
Review Date: January 17 2019