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  My God Is You by Monsieur Voltaire

My God Is You cover art

Artist: Monsieur Voltaire
Title: My God Is You
Catalogue Number: Noja Recordings
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Someone smart once said that the more it changes, the more it remains the same. That would certainly explain the retro aspirations of today’s musicians and it is indeed the retro vibe that pervades the ten songs that make up “My God Is You” by Monsieur Voltaire. Fortunately for our collective ears, that turns out to be no bad thing.

The ghost of the past are in there in force, yet their presence does not make the songs on this album seem stale or unduly derivative. There are, for example, plenty of psychedelic influences to be found, such as in “Please”, that will quickly transfer the unwary back to the fuzzy days of the sixties while those who seek the joys that are to be found in intelligent post rock will be satisfied by “Days”. Those looking for something more in the style of playful west coast of the USA soft rock, even if neatly tempered here by downbeat melodrama, will tap their feet to “Kill Me” and those seeking a bit more energy will find the old school blues rock of “Mind” much to their taste.  All said, there is pretty much something for everyone here.

So, there is much to commend about this album with “My God Is You” being full of old fashioned qualities like strong songs and quality musicianship both of which will delight those who like to journey through the more intellectual alleyways in the rock pantheon.
Review Date: January 22 2019