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  Strange Magic by The Charms

Strange Magic cover art

Artist: The Charms
Title: Strange Magic
Catalogue Number: Wicked Cool WC003
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

The Bluesbunny fondness for loud guitars and perfect pop music has got him into trouble on more than one occasion. Excessive and repeated playing of this quality release from the Charms required all of his negotiating skills to keep the local police from being called. Something to do with turning it down apparently.

Well, what caused this over exuberant operation of the CD player? We shall begin with "Lost Child". Radio friendly (in a good way); Ellie Vee's lead vocals would melt the coldest of hearts. Showing considerable energy, the piano driven - by Ethan Jon Kreitzer - "Cold War" snarls its way out of the speakers in a way that made us think of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Reminiscent of Marc Bolan in some ways, "Star Rider" took us back to the golden age of British pop music - not at all bad for a band from Massachusetts. Just in case you think it is also loud and up-tempo, the album ends with a fine piece of sunny Californian style ballad in "She's Waiting". If you should ever need convincing, this is the track that will charm you (pun intended).

If there is justice in the world (as opposed to the music business where there never has been any), this band would be massive. They write jaunty, catchy little numbers that you can sing along to. So, do your bit and buy or download this album forthwith. It is just the ticket for that journey we generally refer to as summer.
Review Date: July 1 2007