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  Drama by Hajk

Drama cover art

Artist: Hajk
Title: Drama
Catalogue Number: Jansen Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Way back in the days of profitable pop music, there was a phenomenon called second album syndrome that so often served to end the commercial career of a chart bound band. However, “Drama” by Norwegian band Hajk provides solid proof that a second album can actually increase the chances of success.

Let’s consider what you get with these ten songs. I suppose I could summarise the album by stating that “Drama” is a low key but often enchanting mix of indie pop influences and the robot heart of the ubiquitous Scandi synth pop music machine yet that description hardly seems sufficient for, while It is true that this album isn’t full of songs that would dominate radio, television or even YouTube, Hajk have nonetheless successfully spun their spell and added rather more emotional depth than is the case with so many of their contemporaries. Combine that with the audio appeal of turnabout vocals from the wistful Sigrid Aase and the melancholic Preben Sælid Andersen and you have an album that seems more like a document of the conversation between two people with opposing views than a simple collection of songs.

It has to be said that I had to listen to “Drama” a few times to turn my thoughts into that particular viewpoint. That is, however, often the case with albums like this and, whilst you ponder your views on this album, you will at least have some ear candy like “Dancing Like This” and “Breathe” to entertain and, ultimately, persuade you.
Review Date: February 14 2019