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  Javabuzz EP by Javabuzz

Javabuzz EP cover art

Artist: Javabuzz
Title: Javabuzz EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

They say that music is everywhere, and I would imagine that if you were to search for Polish band Javabuzz, they would most likely be found after dark in a damp basement proudly demonstrating their distinctly nihilistic take on lo-fi garage rock.

In many ways therefore, a band like Javabuzz is right on the pulse of the current underground musical scene with their sound being influenced not by the music of other bands but by the musical influences of other bands. This disassociation from the direct source of their inspiration drives their music back toward the corner of the room where, as many a drunken poet has noted, the shadows own the audience. Add in the indecipherable, and no doubt deliberately distorted, vocals to the ever present robotic rhythms and you get an oppressive sound track to a twisted reality at odds with the polished predictability of ordinary life.

Anyway, any band who throws in a Spacemen 3 cover will always be alright with me.

Best song? The minimalist, time travelling, hypnotic concoction “One More Bite”.

The Verdict? Javabuzz are better than Ariane Grande any day. Play loud (of course!).
Review Date: March 12 2019