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  With The Lights Off by Mey

With The Lights Off cover art

Artist: Mey
Title: With The Lights Off
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Sometimes I wonder if the technology that underpins music today actually helps an artist in the expression of emotion, entertainment or, indeed, intellect. Certainly, “With The Lights Off” by Mey is an amalgam of synthetic sounds but do those sounds convey the meaning of her music?

In the context of our current time and space, it is no surprise that the four songs on this EP are downbeat to the point of bleakness and sonically oppressive with layered synth lines, audio samples and distant, angst ridden, vocals painting all that might surround your ears in various shades of grey. The use of repetition on the lyrics would suggest at least a degree of club inspiration yet you could not really imagine even a dedicated remixer turning any of these songs into a floor filler. For one thing, the overall tone all too clearly reflects the oppressive nature of the words and lack of ear friendly hooks leave no place to start the sonic re-engineering process. In short, these are songs that you listen to, and ponder upon, as they were never designed to move your feet. Technology, therefore, effectively represents the artistic intention so my question is duly answered.

Best song? The drifting “Get Out Of Yourself”.

The verdict? Shades of grey decorate songs of today.
Review Date: April 6 2019