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  Hot Pink & Black by Little Mascara

Hot Pink & Black cover art

Artist: Little Mascara
Title: Hot Pink & Black
Catalogue Number: Candy Darling Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

It is safe, plastic world we live in today. Isolated in our iPod safety zone, we listen to the slick and the soulless. No attitude, no fire, nothing but a soundtrack to a sponsorship deal. Way back in 1978, music was different. Everybody could have a go at music. A lot of it was pretty bad but at least it was real. It was refreshing therefore to put this new album by Little Mascara on the old CD player, let it rip and bring back memories of the good old days.

Sassy and full of attitude, this is an album that gets better with volume. "Last Call" brought back memories of Blondie at their heyday. "Modnifique" is a grungy piece of rock. "There's No Such a Thing as Time" plays like a tribute to the best of glam rock. This band doesn't waste time either. "Bitch" is over and done with under two minutes.  No song overstays its welcome. Now that is the sort of approach that the Ramones would approve of. Jessie Derusha's vocals evoke punk divas like Debbie Harry and the band provide a suitably spirited backing.

Altogether a quality piece of loud, guitar driven rock. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to this one and we think that you will too. So break out the credit card and buy it. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: July 6 2007