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  High Five by Luis Francesco Arena

High Five cover art

Artist: Luis Francesco Arena
Title: High Five
Catalogue Number: A Tant River Du Roi ATRDR79
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Some albums impress from the get go and some take time to capture your consciousness. Certainly, “High Five” by Luis Francesco Arena lacks the immediate appeal of an obvious hit single yet there is undeniably something here to interest your ears.

The twelve songs on this album have a planned thematic similarity and, with casual stylistic drifts between alt-rock and melodic singer songwriter, the direction of flow follows a gently weaving route populated with a mellow lyrical literacy and low key poetic asides.

The consequence of this approach is that you, as a listener, have to pay attention. A story is being told by Luis Francesco Arena, but his purpose here is to illustrate a, most probably personal, journey in song rather than to provide a simple musical conclusion to suit the tastes of the casual listener. Looking inwards rather than outwards is, after all, something that we all do and, in his own organic and low key way, Luis Francesco Arena has provided a soundtrack for such contemplative moments.

Best song? The entrancing “Colorblind”.

The verdict? An unassuming album for mature musical tastes.
Review Date: April 13 2019