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  System Hold EP by Jo Mango & Friends

System Hold EP cover art

Artist: Jo Mango & Friends
Title: System Hold EP
Catalogue Number: Olive Grove Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

I’m sure that these four songs have some significance that I am unaware of yet, even if I were on the inside track, I doubt that my opinions on the wonder that is Jo Mango would be changed and, with that said, I duly bid welcome to her EP “System Hold”.

Jo Mango’s voice might well be described as a fragile thing but I prefer to instead think of it as a delicacy. Something rare. Something ethereal. Something that reaches out and caresses your ears in a way that those who are in awe of the great God of computer polished perfection can never achieve. Jo Mango, as you listen in cotton wool wonder, can make her voice float upon a cloud and can thus render even the very song that she sings seem superfluous. Talking of the songs, they are indeed lightweight confections as if they were the result of a confluence of lightly whipped mysticism and sugared poetry. Perfect, as you might imagine, fodder for the voice of Jo Mango.

Best song? The enchanting and entrancing “Weight”.

The verdict? Even in second gear, Jo Mango (& Friends) can do no wrong.
Review Date: April 20 2019