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  Sus by PoiL

Sus cover art

Artist: PoiL
Title: Sus
Catalogue Number: Dur et Doux DD027
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Think about it. If you walk for long enough then you are sure to get somewhere. That somewhere might be anywhere but at least it is guaranteed to be better than nowhere. What, I hear you say, would a person play upon their phone to accompany their thoughts on such a journey? Would it perhaps be “Sus” by PoiL?

Well, it just might be. PoiL are possessed of a rambling, and very European arthouse, sincerity like a math rock band gone mad after a magic mushroom fuelled journey through everywhere and even fans of prog rock might perhaps find the band’s circular approach a step to far in the direction of infinity. Of course, it takes a surfeit of musical skills to take the listener for such a walk on the clouds and PoiL - Antoine Arnera, Boris Cassone and Guilhem Meier – have more than sufficient ability to convince with a near Gregorian fervour seasoning their poetic rants as they stretch their songs out from clock to calendar time.

I would suppose that this cabalistic approach might lead PoiL to be excluded from the collective consciousness of the masses yet that may be considered a good thing as those with a taste for things that challenge – always a minority - will prize “Sus” for what it is. So, as the philosophers say, start at the beginning and keep going until the end and your mind will expand exponentially.
Review Date: April 22 2019