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  I Can’t Sleep by Ohnova

I Can’t Sleep cover art

Artist: Ohnova
Title: I Can’t Sleep
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Rock music has always enjoyed popularity in central Scotland and Glasgow band Ohnova duly make their play for potential success in the power chord arena with their debut EP “I Can’t Sleep”. Giving a kicking to Glasgow rock bands comes easily to me but will this band actually deserve the tender caress of my steel toecaps?

Knowing what the people want after a few beers can put an aspiring band on the road to success yet, despite the hard hitting drums and the major chord guitar worship, Ohnova seem to want to dig deeper than the normally limited aspirations of a rock band on the make. Working strongly in their favour is the notable drama inherent to the voice of Paul Morton and that helps him deliver a deeper lyrical message that puts their greater purpose in the spotlight and, while it would be easy to regard a song like “Easy Way Out” as being just that, the aforementioned powerhouse delivery instead turns the song successfully on to the road to anthem status. OK, at the end of the day, Ohnova are still a band that are best appreciated at maximum volume but there is also more than enough meat on their bones to make more than one satisfying pot of soup.

Best song? The loud and commercial “Banjo Mac”.

The verdict? Much better than the average Glasgow rock band. I shall spare them a kicking.
Review Date: May 2 2019