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  Safe Place by Lady Nade

Safe Place cover art

Artist: Lady Nade
Title: Safe Place
Catalogue Number: Mintlime Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

I have never really been certain why so many musicians feel the need to be the same and so rapidly adopt all the computerised help that they can find to render themselves anonymous. Others, however, will find their own voice and use it to sing their songs in their own way and, with her endearing quirkiness much to the fore, that is exactly what Lady Nade has done thus making her album “Safe Place” a breath of fresh air.

Whether the mainstream will accept her sometimes theatrical vocal stylings is perhaps uncertain for this is an album that can only be described as individual. I don’t mean it isn’t commercial or accessible for it is actually both of these things but the difference here is that Lady Nade has the artistic courage to gamble with her songs and, with cards dealt from the decks of soul, jazz and pop, she wins pretty much all of the time. That’s only to be expected though as artistic courage only ever walks hand in hand with genuine talent.

That talent is never more obvious than in the Bobbie Gentry style conventionality of “Natalie”. It’s a simple story in song but Lady Nade’s reflective interpretation turns it into an emotional swansong. Even the song that seems to have the most obvious commercial appeal - “Drive Home Safely”- is still distinctly offbeat. Both these songs, and indeed many more, will bring joyful pleasure to your ears.

“Safe Place” will therefore be a welcome addition to any self-respecting album collection.

Best song? The truly splendid “Looking For Love”.

The verdict? I worship Lady Nade because she soars when others merely plod.
Review Date: May 5 2019