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  Glitter and The Glory EP by Starry Skies

Glitter and The Glory EP cover art

Artist: Starry Skies
Title: Glitter and The Glory EP
Catalogue Number: Fox Star Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

The sun is shining today again – trust me, that is an unusual occurrence in this part of the world – and, lo and behold, the songs from the new EP, “Glitter and Glory”, from Starry Skies appeared in my ears. Happy days for happy people!

Starry Skies walk, as always, a fine between pastiche and reverence to that jingle jangle country rock sound for a couple of songs on this EP yet it in easy to forgive them for, in their relentlessly upbeat way, they make the world seem a better place to be. Warren McIntyre’s song writing is positive and hook laden throughout and, with a near frenetic enthusiasm for the task in hand, he takes his comrades on a journey to a world of catchy pop songs with the, jingle jangle free, “Who You Gonna Slay” most likely to cause you to turn the volume all the way up and indulge in a bit of the old air guitar.

Four songs that will make you happy. That is plenty good enough for me.

Best song? The full on “Who Are You Gonna Slay”.

The verdict? Starry Skies are my kind of band.
Review Date: May 15 2019