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  Life Is Not a Waiting Room by The Carvels NYC

Life Is Not a Waiting Room cover art

Artist: The Carvels NYC
Title: Life Is Not a Waiting Room
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Someone smart has said that brown bread is good for you. How they came to that conclusion is beyond me as a man clearly cannot benefit from any bread that can’t be turned into proper toast. So, with no thought whatsoever for the logicality of this particular segue, can The Carvels NYC’s EP “Life Is Not A Waiting Room” also be turned into toast?

Of course not. The Carvels NYC aren’t made of flour, yeast and water for a start so they would never bake into any sort of loaf. Despite that - probably irrelevant? - flaw, there is, nonetheless, something wholesome about this band and their songs, For a start, they draw their sonic influences from the best of the times – early punk (American style) and the trashy side of rock ‘n’ roll – and the three songs on this EP are more than capable of forcing that frown right off your face with the quirky humour that underpins “I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy” elevating the song to singalong status. Throw in the streetwise vocal style of Lynne Von Pang and the step back in time sax of Dave Spinley and everything falls neatly into sonic synchronicity.

The Carvels NYC sound like a band that would sound just the same live as they do in the studio and, whilst religiously keeping everything that they do on the good side of the three minute line, they will undoubtedly bring joy to the ears of those who value their honest approach to the making of music in these synthetic days.

The EP is available from Bandcamp and on vinyl from Tarbeach records.
Review Date: May 26 2019