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  New Magnetic Wonder by Apples in Stereo

New Magnetic Wonder cover art

Artist: Apples in Stereo
Title: New Magnetic Wonder
Catalogue Number: YepRoc Records YEP2132
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Apples in Stereo practically define quirky in terms of popular music. They release albums erratically and have maintained a consistently strong fan base over the many years of their existence. Part of their appeal is that you never really know what to expect of them. They mix eclectic with some near perfect pop songs all on the same album. The 24 tracks on this album will certainly keep their fans happy and encourage more people to investigate their music.

"Energy", "Sunday Sounds" and "Same Old Drag" are - in constructional terms at least - conventional pop songs. Lyrically, they manage to be simple and obscure at the same time. Then again, that's what you would expect from the pen of Robert Schneider. However, let's not forget the quirkiness of it all. You get strange vocoder inserts like "Joanie Don't You Worry" and "Hello Lola" that mark this band as a bit weird. It's all part of their charm. "Sunndal Song" is almost psychedelic leaving Hilarie Sidney's vocals swirling around in your head. Despite our love of their quirkiness, our favourite track was the full on romp that is "Can You Feel It?"

We do not hesitate to declare this a most interesting album. Although the band dedicates this album to the memory of Syd Barrett, they are more psychedelic San Francisco than sixties' London. If your musical tastebuds need stimulating, then this is the album to do it. It is a bit outside the musical norm but not so far that you have retrain your ears.
Review Date: July 8 2007