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  On Fire by Freschard

On Fire cover art

Artist: Freschard
Title: On Fire
Catalogue Number: Wiaiwya WIALP
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Think of Freschard and you think of ice cream or at least I do. A strawberry sundae on a warm summer’s day perhaps. Or a double 99. Whatever your preference in frozen sugary snacks, Freschard manages to provide the perfectly matched soundtrack and her album “On Fire” – now out on vinyl – will make a sunny afternoon pass pleasingly.

Her girl next door charm is, as always, obvious and her understated indie pop stylisations turn each and every one of the songs into something so easily digestible that you may not even notice that you have consumed the lot. Assisted by her regular co-conspirator Stanley Brinks in these delightful musical meanderings, she simply pleases your ears yet, despite the minimalism inherent to her musical idiosyncrasies, she does not fall back to the safe ground of playing the same old song in the same old way. Instead, tempos shift and assorted musical instruments pop in for a cup of herbal tea just to ensure that you never get bored with her.

If you are a Freschard fan already then “On Fire” will set you alight once more. If you aren’t a fan as yet, then prepare to be charmed. It’s inevitable.

Best song? The super cute “Happy By Your Side”.

The verdict? Absolutely endearing.

The vinyl version is released on 13 September 2019. You can get it from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 18 2019