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  Broken Chanter by Broken Chanter

Broken Chanter cover art

Artist: Broken Chanter
Title: Broken Chanter
Catalogue Number: Olive Grove Records/Last Night From Glasgow
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Some albums have the mark of seriousness. Triviality is simply not on the cards and that proved to be the case with Broken Chanter’s self-titled album which simply resonates with a sense of purpose.

Make no mistake, this isn’t the kind of album for casual listening or undemanding entertainment with even these seasoned ears needing several orbits of Planet Chanter to obtain the best benefit from the world weary words of David MacGregor aka Broken Chanter. This album, however, demonstrates that he has now departed from the journey to pop song nirvana – which worked pretty well for his former collaborative effort Kid Canaveral – in search of greater artistic truth.

Calling it as it is, Broken Chanter isn’t the kind of album that the many of any would call lightweight. Humour plays little part in the proceedings and the downbeat introspection might well point some at the Samaritans. That said, these songs are in no danger of being derailed by a lack of artistic integrity and it also has to be said that this is the kind of album that is best appreciated on your own. You don’t really want to discuss these songs as much as regard them as a mirror for your own wandering thoughts.

Broken Chanter’s self-titled album is therefore an interesting one. Distinctly Scottish in its rain sodden presentation, it is nonetheless an album that reflects our times with unerring accuracy and, whilst still very much a personal projection for its creator, it remains accessible even for those of us who know that the sun will always rise in the morning.

Best song? “Wholesale”.

The verdict? A serious album for serious times.
Review Date: September 4 2019