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  Hush The Wild Horses by Rachel Harrington

Hush The Wild Horses cover art

Artist: Rachel Harrington
Title: Hush The Wild Horses
Catalogue Number: Skinny Dennis SDK008
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

There has always something organic about Rachel Harrington with her particular blend of the traditional and the metaphorical making her seem right at home inside the cosy walls of Americana yet, as her album “Hush The Wild Horses” proves, she can shine her light further into the darkness than most modern musicians can.

Taking the widescreen view, it takes a notable maturity to make the songs on this album seem more than contrivances in the perennial search for artistic honesty and there is no doubt that Ms. Harrington has achieved that perfect balance of literary elegance and seasoned vulnerability that, in musical talent terms, allows her to take a seat next to Jackson Browne and Carole King.

“Hush The Wild Horses” is, however, more than a one trick pony on the road to the confessional. While the lyrically bleak “Drop Zone” might well kick up a storm and “Susanna” might seem no more than a blue collar lullaby, both are replete with the kind of eloquence that Bobbie Gentry once brought to this undeserving world. Those blue collar influences also paint the four walls of “Drinking About You” yet this song is more than a soundtrack to a pickup truck rodeo with this tale of self destruction making even city boys question why they are reaching for the bourbon bottle. Then, right at the end of this album, comes the best of the best with “If Wishes Were Horses” being the perfect example of a song that would make even the heartless stare up into the starry skies in search of a better tomorrow.

As albums go, “Hush The Wild Horses” is the one that you want to listen to as you journey on the highway of life with Rachel Harrington surefootedly guiding you through the shadows of mortal existence like an angel on a mission of redemption.

Best song? The gloriously sentimental “If Wishes Were Horses”.

The Verdict? As good as good gets.
Review Date: September 4 2019